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Mirror the successful strategies of professionals

All strategies can easily be compared and traced continuously with full transparency on historical returns and positions.

Automated trading

Unlock the expertise of professionals to a broad audience of investors.

Automated trading converts ideas and strategies from professionals into orders, trades and executions in the investor portfolio. Fully automatically.

Our platform comes packed with a mobile app which allows investors to pick strategies that fit their profile, allocates assets and mirrors all trading and investment actions. Investors stay in control at any time. They can pause, unsubscribe or re-allocate assets whenever they want. Even manual intervention is perfectly possible. All positions resulting from the strategy are owned by your clients and can be managed as such.

Get the best of both worlds. We offer automation and the ability for the investors to intervene at all times.
Combine guidance & autonomy
Private investors can learn from professionals and benefit from their insights. 
Leverage the expertise of professionals
Your benefits in a nutshell
The allocation and frequency of trading depends on the strategy investors choose to follow, guided by the market insights of professionals.
Get more investment return
Would you like to translate valuable ideas and proven strategies into orders and trades?