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Whether your clients are long-term investors or more experienced traders, our solution fulfills their needs and can seamlessly be integrated with our automated or social trading solutions.
Manual trading
Trade on an intuitive easy-to-use multi-asset platform.
Want to be a leader in investment innovation ?

Building a digital bridge 

between investors and investment strategies 

Our automated trading solution supports the conversion of investment ideas and strategies from trading experts into orders, trades and executions in the investor portfolio.
Mirror the successful strategies of professionals.
Automated trading
Social trading
Share valuable investment ideas within a community.
Our social trading app connects investors within a vibrant trading community. It enables them to catch up with friends or gurus and follow their trading actions. Equally they can share personal trading ideas with their peers. 
Our offering is not limited to ready-to-use solutions.
By opening up our TradeRouter API, financial services providers can combine proprietary front-end development with our trading magic.
We are your partner throughout the entire process, from idea exploration over business validation to launch.
Together, we design a tailor-made platform with the features of your choice. 
One partner. End to end.
Custom projects

Winning, serving and retaining clients is a challenge. Certainly in times where disruption is also coming from forces outside of your native industry.  

Our technology delivers the building blocks for social and automated trading solutions that facilitate execution, communication and interaction with your clients. 

We support the conversion from idea to trade and help financial services providers to create tangible value for investors by delivering the unique combination of autonomy, guidance and transparency.

Innovative investment solutions for social and automated trading


Provide your clients a unique trading experience

Grow your business

Increase your customers' experience

Stand out from the crowd

Leveraging the expertise of others, we help your clients to make better investment decisions, boost their performance and grow their return.

Our technology helps you to link valuable content with trade execution in an innovative, digital way and to build a unique brand that differentiates you from your competitors.    

Our technology supports the conversion from idea to trade and helps financial services providers to create tangible value by delivering investors the unique combination of autonomy, guidance and transparency.